Thursday, September 8, 2022

MeroShare Monitor

This is a simple console program written in Go, that auto applies to any open IPOs via your Meroshare account.

It requires details about your MeroShare account, such as your BOID, Password, DPID, etc., encrypts the most sensitive fields and stores them in a config file along with the corresponding key file. You can have multiple configs(profiles) that you can add via the --add switch. If no switch is provided, it parses all the available configs in the program directory and applies for each of them (if no config exists, it behaves as if the switch was provided).

The program also keeps logs of the IPOs applied to in a plaintext file in the same directory.

The initial idea was to automatically add the program to the windows Task Scheduler so that it runs at regular times but I've left that functionality out - it's not much of a hassle since it's a one-time fire and forget kind of thing that anyone should be able to do.

Note that it makes use of the exact same API that the actual MeroShare portal uses (which is quite clean and robust imho). The endpoints, authentication and the expected payloads are quite straightforward and really transparent, and easily readable from any modern web browser's developer tools.

The GitHub repo is available here