Sunday, March 12, 2023


This is a soundboard software. That's a type of program that allows you to play an audio clip to any audio input device of your choosing. Such software are handy for streamers and broadcasters but my intention in creating this program was to be able to play funny audio clips over my Discord server's voice channels when watching Valorant streams with the boys. It's made in C# using the .NET Framework 4.7.2 and for the stated purpose, requires the VB Audio Cable Driver to route the audio to a virtual playback device (though it will run fine without it as well if you don't need the routing functionality). I've made use of the NAudio library for .NET for the core audio functionality and the FodyCostura Nuget package for bundling the required .dll files to the final executable (SoundBytes.exe). The first functional version was made over the course of 3 days - around two weeks before the time of this writing.

I've made the decision to make the program closed source (insofar as it's possible for a .NET program) to try my hand at implementing a licensing system into my project, leveraging my own domain that I subscribed to a couple of months ago. And I thought this would be a great practice to create an API with the CodeIgniter PHP framework that I'd been fiddling with for some time now.

Here are some screenshots of the program in action: